Weekend Getaway

So I meant to write this post …3 days ago… but as time has had a tendency of doing, it went by quickly and escaped me and now it’s Wednesday night.

Anyway, this past weekend I spent as a full tourist. We went to Hacienda Guachipelin, a hotel and adventure center near the base of a national park, Ríncon de la Vieja (a volcano!!!).

Friday night: right after school, the three of us (the other two girls that I’m studying abroad with) took the school bus to Tamarindo.


I didn’t take many pictures of the hostel we stayed at (only $16 a night what a steal!) but here’s an artistic picture of the surfboards they had in the main courtyard along with a bar, restaurant, pool tables, and a pool!



We then went to sunset yoga on the beach and it was absolutely incredible. I always forget how much I love to do yoga and experiencing it like that was surreal. The teacher taught in Spanish, there were only 6 of us, the sunset was breathtaking. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


Then we went out to dinner with one of the teachers – Asian Fusion! I picked it because I wanted to have something a little different than rice and beans. (I ended up ordering a wok bowl with brown rice … guess I really am a tika!)


6:30 AM: Picked up & on our way to the hotel!

8:15 AM: Arrival

9:00-6:00: Horseback riding (my horse’s name was Lady Gaga and I practiced my Spanish off on one of the horse guides. This wasn’t my favorite part as Lady Gaga and I liked to take things slow but we were sometimes forced to a trot); tubing (this was super fun. I had the unfortunate luck of getting stuck on almost every rapid/ nearly drowning a nine-year-old but overall it was fun); buffet lunch (much needed); zip-lining (my favorite part! there was one part where we repelled down, tarzan swung across a canyon, & rock-climbed up. I was the first to go and fell in love with rock climbing all over again); mud bath and hot springs (even though it was raining at this point, by the time we got there we basically got the hot springs to ourselves and it was super relaxing).


We didn’t bring our phones anywhere during the day so I only have this picture I mooched off of Emily. (She’s the one with the red raincoat and Chelsea is to the left.) This picture was taken after the repelling part of the zip lining course.


Emily & I woke up early to milk some cows. Even after living in a cow town since I was five and going to school that produces its own milk / ice cream, I have never milked a cow. So thanks for letting me check that one off the bucket list, Costa Rica!



Featured in this picture: bucket of milk (I am responsible for 0.5 inches), farmer’s hat (had to fit over my super-high ponytail), and cow’s butt!!! IMG_6293.JPG

Action shot of me getting more milk on my arms/hands than in the actual bucket and the farmer getting ready to take over and actually get some serious milking done!!!

The rest of the day we spent hiking around Ríncon de la Vieja. The volcano had actually erupted that morning at 5. Due to its activity, the path to the peak has been closed for the next five years. The loop we went on was about 5K and we were able to see an abundance of wildlife and geothermal activity. It was ~hot~ !! (literally – the pools were over 125 degrees F)


*Shot with my iPhone 7* Mariposa tigre. I fell in love with the butterflies here! My favorites were the transparent winged and the angel butterflies, but unfortunately they were too quick and I missed them.


So I just happened to look down and to my left as we were walking on the path and I saw this snake casually eating a frog (note: frog’s legs were twitching). The guide assumed it was a silent rattlesnake, poisonous, and we slowly took pictures, and walked away, keeping our eyes on the snake and hoping it didn’t find us more appetizing than the frog….


The mountain way in the distance is the peak of the volcano. Pictures can’t do these views justice.


The view from the peak of our hike. The steam in the right is from one of the stops we took on our trip, one of the many examples of geothermal activity that are in this area.

As I settle back into my routine at school and at the house, this past weekend helps me remember to appreciate everything, the little things, the big things, and most of all, the experiences.


One thought on “Weekend Getaway”

  1. Dear Kelsey,Wow, you certainly had a great week-end.  You made me tired just reading all the things that you did.  I am so impressed with you accomplishing all those adventures.  I think my favorite picture was yoga on the beach while the sun set.  Keep on doing all these different things and enjoy the adventures.Love,MeeMee

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