Case of the Homesickness

I have 12 days left. 13, technically, if you’re including traveling. 10 more school days. 4 more weekend days, 5 if you include traveling.

I have a calendar with days that are slowly dwindling down with plans that are yet to be completed. Two more reflections, one essay, one project. Done.

The closer the day is for me to leave, the more homesick I feel.

This is not to say my experience here has been bad. In fact, it has been the opposite. Speaking Spanish everyday has pushed me. Immersing myself in a new school culture forced me to be uncomfortable. Being abroad in a new country taught me to look for the small things among the big things.

I have fallen in love with Costa Rica. I have fallen in love with the way of life, mi familia, my 21 little nuggets, the faculty and staff of La Paz, La Paz itself, this experience.

This experience is exhausting though. Being uncomfortable is exhausting. It draws from you mentally, physically, and emotionally. I have had to be the most independent I have ever been but also dependent on many people day-to-day. I have become comfortable with my routine but uncomfortable when I least expect it. I have adapted but must continue to be flexible. I have learned something new everyday but continue to have an open-mind. I am attached but am also homesick.

With these 12 days looming in front of me, I am taking a breath. I have already learned so much, grown so much, felt so much, in these 39 days, who says I can’t do 12 more? (Besides the fact that airline company won’t let me leave early.) In these 12 days, I can feel the support of my strong family and my incredible friends pushing me forward.

I bend, so I do not break.

~Pura Vida~




One thought on “Case of the Homesickness”

  1. Dear Kelsey, You are strong, willful, unrelenting and have so many people who are there for you.  Not a moment goes by where someone isn’t thinking of you.  Needless to say that pipster and I are so proud of your grit, determination, daring and perseverance. We love you so much.MeeMee and Pipster

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