Twitter and PLN

I joined twitter (thank you to my former principal, Cheri Burke) about 4 years ago, and it changed my life.  Really!   At first I thought it was just one of those things that kids do to tell everything about themselves.  I saw no redeeming qualities. Then I joined a chat.  I can’t even remember which was my first.  I think it was #tcrwp.  And I started to learn.  I started to learn a lot!  My education superheroes like Kylene Beers and Donalyn Miller post little nuggets of learning.  I hold onto these like gold!  And, they were free! Pretty soon, I was following many and many were following me.  This is called a professional learning network.  Two years ago, I was moved grades 2 weeks before school started.  It was my second move in 4 years.  It was hard. I turned to my PLN and began getting up every morning to chat with people at #bfc530 (breakfast club 5:30).  The positivity and professionalism of these fine educators was inspiring.  Every day I wake up and get energized for school.

Last night I was attending a twitter chat #2pencilchat and talking about this blog when this popped up..

fullsizerender-1 Kelsey had joined her first twitter chat!




#2pencilchat is on Tuesdays at 7:00PM.  It is just a fun, relaxed chat.  I love it.

#bfc530 is every morning M – F at 5:30 AM.

My twitter handle is @kathyiwanicki  Follow me!


Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday!!

Today was absolutely crazy but first I want to address Twitter. Yesterday (like Mom said) was my first time participating in a chat. I happened to join #2pencilchat with her and by the end had five new followers and a whole slew of supporters in my student teaching journey. But when I began, I was super overwhelmed! First, you got to get on this website called TweetDeck, that combines the messages, home feed, notifications, and hashtag. It constantly updates and I found myself scrolling upon all the different tweets answer the SIX different questions of the chat. I started liking a few here and there, responded to my mom, then felt courageous enough to message back to a few people who I strongly agreed with. When I left, I received messages of support. I can’t wait to participate in a new one, I can see how it stretches thinking!!! (my twitter handle is @msiwanicki too 🙂 )

Also a side note: personal connections work!!!! After feeling frustrated for months with one of my heavy hitter students, we had a FANTASTIC day. At one point I told him to turn his day around and … here’s the miracle … HE DID! 🙂 I have never been prouder. SECOND, I sat with one of my students who struggles during math. Not only did he do the whole lesson, he attempted almost every problem on the problem set, something he has (probably) never done before. PROUD TEACHER MOMENTS HAPPENING IN SECOND GRADE! (In case you can’t tell, I’m super proud & love my kids with all my heart).

Hopefully optimistic,